Price includes 250.00 shipping and handling.

Includes a pair of 15″ inch chrome modular rims with centercaps and lugnuts.  This is an kit which requires basic carpentry skills to assemble.
It take about 8 TO 12 man hours to assemble and install it. You can weld the kit together to save time or drill the holes needed to customize to your bike (no drilling or welding on the bike).

The kit weighs about 250 pounds with the tires and is unique because you can adjust the height width and length to fit around your existing bike . it comes mill finish (needs to be prime and painted) save thousands doing it yourself.

Tools needed are a drill, drill bits 3/8’s and 5/16, speed square, level, Motorcycle chocks (can be made from plywood and 2×4) ratchet straps, centering punches,standard allen wrench set, 9/16 and 1/2 in wrenches, vise grips, welding pliers are great and c clamps, tape measure, scrap wood like 2×4 blocks and 2×3 by 1/4 in foam board from school supplies at Walmart for a bellyplate template.

Kit includes Hardware, brackets, fenders, frames and axles and video and paper manuals plus phone tech support to get you rolling.

Price includes shipping to your door when delivered within the Continental U.S.

Price: $2,545